Here is how you can get involved

Arthur and Logan will work to cater to any and all possibilities of horse ownership.  Whether you want to go out and buy an experienced horse to begin working immediately towards a big championship, want to join a group of people owning a horse through syndication, or want to find a young “diamond in the rough” to see how far they can go; we can help. We are excited about all possibilities and look forward to talking with you about ways you want to get involved in our team.

Below are a few ways to become involved as an owner with Otis Eventing:

Full ownership:
Either already own a horse and put it in training with Otis Eventing or buy a horse to be in training with Otis Eventing.  (We are happy to help you find a suitable horse to buy.)

Part ownership:
Own a horse with a friend and have the horse in training with Otis Eventing.

Contact Otis Eventing to see if there are any synidicate shares available with horses currently in training.   Alternatively, you can get a group of friends together to own an event horse. (We are happy to help you and your friends find a suitable horse to buy.)

Benefits of being an owner


Be part of the journey.  Owning a horse is a rollercoaster but can be one of the most rewarding experiences you will have.  Seeing a young horse develop from an unruly teenager into an experienced international campaigner is immensely gratifying.  Alternatively, owning an experienced horse straight away and getting to the big events quickly is exhilarating.


Travel around the world witnessing behind the scenes action at some of the most prestigious events.


See your horse develop in training at home at our base in the Loire Valley, France. Also watch them move up through the grades of international eventing.

***If interested please don’t hesitate to call Arthur on his mobile 07895 062341 to talk about ways to join our team.


If you would like to contact us just click the link below, fill in your details and a member of our staff will get back to you as soon as possible.