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Otis Eventing - Event Horses for Sale - Our Network
Otis Eventing French Connections
Otis Eventing                          French Connections 

Otis Eventing Network

Over the years we have developed a comprehensive network of experienced and reputable breeders which provide us with the finest young stock. We travel to them several times a year and evaluate their offering with a critical eye.

Our international connections ensure a wide choice of talented horses.

In France, Axel Coutte keeps a constant watch for the finest young horses. Through our breeders’ network and his regular participation to those events showcasing the young-horses classes he regularly brings in great horses for Logan and Arthur to produce.

In addition, we travel especially to the southwest to evaluate the youngest Anglo-Arabian horses around. These horses combine blood and movement, which gives them the unrivalled performance level that our cients seek.

We also devote a lot of effort scouting through Normandy; well known for its breeding quality and the fine jumpers that come out of it.

Otis Eventing - Event Horses for Sale - France Looking for the finest horses - hard work...

In the UK, where good breeders are scarce, we make the most of the connections we established throughout the years of working with Andrew Nicholson and William Fox-Pitt. Working for these two outstanding riders, we have met and developed close bonds with the finest eventers around. This guarantees our clients access to the finest horses in the country.


We also have close ties with Ireland, where the breeding tradition remains strong, and where we continue to find outstanding horses for our clients.

Otis Eventing - Event Horses for Sale - Our Network The best horses from the finest places.
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