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Trusted by William Fox-Pitt, Rebecca Howard, Jonathan Paget, Richard Long...

Get the right horse here or travel with us and find it elsewhere.

In a buzzing market, opportunities are limited to find the jewel that no one else has seen. Otis Eventing increases your buying power, and slows the pace down, by offering you access to horses that few others will know of.


If you cannot find what you are looking for in our stables, we will be happy to escort you through France and introduce you to its finest horses. There you will find that your £££ really give you extra!


Our network of suppliers, from the finest European breeding tradition, gives us a choice from which our clients benefit at every level.


Otis Eventing is a team of exciting young riders producing horses ready to event at the highest level. We travel, compete and scout throughout Europe to find the right eventing horse for you. We trade in Europe and the US and will help you meet your match.


Whether you are an experienced rider looking for that special horse to take you onto the next level or whether you are backing a young rider and are looking for a reliable companion with which to develop these skills, we will help you.

We will find the eventing horse you are looking for.

Do not wait any longer and fill in our quick online form or call Arthur on (+44) (0) 7895 062 341. He will be happy to listen to your requirements and is sure to match you with the right horse.


We work with some of the finest breeders and riders around and have developed a comprehensive network which gives us the flexibility and the resources to provide you with the eventing horse you have been seeking.


You can also accompany us on a bespoke and exclusive stable tour which will give you direct access to what you are looking for.

Otis Eventing - Event Horses for Sale - Training All our horses go through daily bespoke training.

Call Arthur on

(+44) (0) 7895 062 341

"Otis Eventing produced the horse I was looking for in Topaze. I am looking forward to his future."

William Fox-Pitt, UK No. 1


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